Thursday, September 30, 2010

home is wherever there is you

it's been a rough couple of days over here. i will have some new posts shortly! i had a really awful start to this week, and last week was busy with family stuff and work stuff and stuff stuff stuff. tuesday was an awful day: i woke up late, was consequently late to work (by only a few minutes, but still), got a run in my tights (which then made me not want to take photos of my outfit), and got a parking ticket because i accidentally took the car keys with me to work instead of leaving them for my husband. to top it all off, i ordered a pair of boots i was super psyched about, only to have them arrive on tuesday and were a size too small. ugh. it's just been one of those weeks.

not to despair! the weather is gorgeous in the city. the trees are changing, the leaves are falling, and there's a crisp freshness in the air that only autumn can bring.


ps. bear with me as i'm figuring out how to edit stuff on this blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

coming up only to hold you under

LEVI'S challenge

today i spent a bit of time playing with polyvore. i absolutely love this site for creating inspiration boards. it's so much fun to create different looks, and to use them to inspire possibilities in my own wardrobe.

instead of an outfit post today, i will share one of my inspiration boards! i really love simple classic jeans and a pop of color with solids or a pattern. one of my favorite scents is also incorporated, daisy by marc jacobs. this look has both. disclosure: i would never be able to actually walk in these shoes, but it does inspire me to chose a shoe with the same "feeling" that these evoke.

anyway, that's enough talk for now.


you are mine

(shirt & jeans - gap | jacket & scarf - target | flats - michael kors)

i love weekends. it's my favorite time of the week because i can dress comfortably and not have to worry about being "work appropriate". i wore this outfit to church, out for brunch, and then around the city for errands today. this weekend was cool enough to break out a jacket that i've had for the past few months, waiting anxiously for the cooler weather. 

what worked: i love this jacket. it's comfy, and i feel a bit badass in it. what didn't work: the grape shirt felt a bit dark. other than that, i really loved this outfit.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

and everything is going to the beat

(tshirt, sweater, jeans - gap | scarf - target | patent flats - born)

fridays are always crazy work days for me. fridays are my busiest day of the week, coordinating weekend events. this week was especially crazy, prepping for a "very important site visit" on monday and tuesday next week. i decided to wear jeans, as i do most fridays. i also wanted something that could easily transition into a "going out" outfit as i was meeting a friend for dinner and drinks, going out straight from work.

what worked: this outfit was so comfortable with this weather. i really enjoyed this sweater. it's comfortable & it has pockets. score. what didn't work: it felt a little dark with the black sweater and dark jeans, even with the bright scarf and shoes. overall, this was a comfortable work to casual-dinner combo.

happy weekend! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and it's contagious

(dress - ann taylor | cardigan - caslon via nordstrom | 
fake pearls - stolen from my sister | peep toe pumps - ecco)
today i wanted to wear something comfortable and a little "dressier" than necessary. i could wear trouser jeans to work every day if i really wanted to. sometimes a girl's just got to dress up.

what worked: i absolutely love this sweater; the color and detail really represent my personality. and i love wearing pearls (even if they are fake). what didn't work: this dress wrinkles so easily which is frustrating.

overall, i really enjoyed my outfit today!


ps. here's my first shot at what i will call "self-timer portrait photography". it did not go well. lots of running back and forth and attempting to keep the dslr in focus.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it's hard not to wander away

here's my first "outfit post"...! i wore this to work on friday, hoping for something casual and  comfortable to end the week. what worked: i love this color combination of purple and green. i also adore scarves. what didn't work: the skirt. i figured i could give this  skirt one last chance to redeem itself. it failed based on a lack of comfortability and  wearability - it's simply not comfortable, nor is it easy to pair with other items.

(top, belt, skirt - gap | scarf - target | jewelry - family hand-me-down | bag - lucky)


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

many the miles

for over a year i have been a stalker of 'fashion/personal style' blogs. what started as a casual interest in personal style and design aesthetic. now this casual interest in fashion and personal style has become a full blown obsession.

i've been so intimidated by all of the very successful bloggers, that i lost my confidence to begin something that contributes to the world of things that i love.

a few things about me:
i'm a social worker by day. i recently finished grad school, and i currently work for a non-profit agency providing counseling services. i grew up in a household dominated by estrogen. i'm the oldest of two sisters, my dad has been sorely outnumbered by women since he married my mother. i secretly think he loves it. i'm married. i found my true partner-for-life in college, we've been married for four years! we have one pet, a dog named lennon after my favorite beatle and artist.

i want this blog to be an outlet for my expression of style, beauty, and feisty attitude towards life.

here's to a new adventure. thanks for coming along for the ride!