Tuesday, August 05, 2014

going back to the start //

This past year has been the most eventful year of my life. 

A few highlights:
  • I birthed a new little life into the world. He arrived two weeks earlier than expected, and has stolen my heart since his arrival. 
  • I celebrated my first Mother's Day, Hubby celebrated his first Father's Day. 
  • I turned 30. Hubby turned 30 {5 months before I did. Booyah.}Though it was rather uneventful, superseded by the birth of my son, I have enjoyed being 30.
  • Hubby finished graduate school.
  • Our little family moved to new apartment. We moved out of my family's home and into our own apartment again. 
  • I learned to accept the balance of working motherhood. I can't have it all, but I can have quality time with my family and an engaging career.
  • I updated my professional license, and will hopefully never have to take a standardized licensing exam. Ever. Again.
Goals for 2014:
  • Blogging: I miss this part of my life. Where I share the things that are going on in my life with the cyber world. It was such a fun part of my life in years past, and I miss it. 
  • Working out: like many things in my life, this has been on the back burner for most of 2013. I'd like to change that for 2014 and get back into my old, good habits of running and exercising regularly.
  • Photography: Something else I miss from my "former" life -- taking photographs. Though I have thousands of my adorable child, I'd like to take another class and get some photo editing software to further develop this skill. 
  • Being kind to myself. 
  • Re-engaging myself and my family into our faith community.