Thursday, December 31, 2009

should old acquaintance be forgot

2009 is in its last few hours... this year has been rough. but it certainly has been a year of growth. here are the significant memories that time (and photo uploads) will allow.

the new year began at the cook's house!
our good friends from college, where we will also be spending new year's eve this year :)

we actually spent a lot of time on weekends hanging out with
tammi, chad, and their two kids: hannah & zeke.

betsy came to visit - several times, in fact!

i did a lot of cooking in our nice but tiny apartment.

chris & i went to see wicked. it was an incredible production!

we moved into a new apartment with a living room, dining room, and two bedrooms!

we celebrated our 3 year anniversary at sola this year. yummy yummy.

jen graduated!

chris threw me a birthday party. here are the ladies :)

chris & i took a biking adventure weekend in wisconsin.

dad ran the marathon!

we took a road trip to visit leslie!

we took a day trip to st. joseph, michigan.

i wore lots of vests...

my grandfather died in october.
here's a photo of all of the grandchildren, spouses, fiances, and great-grandchildren.

we hosted thanksgiving at our apartment this year. the turkey was fabulous!

our new addition! added in november, our puppy, lennon.

lots of sister time was had in 2009!

here's to 2010, which will surely bring its share of trials and joy.
i look forward to beginning fresh again with the promise of new goals, hopes, and fulfilling dreams.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's coming on christmas

i've always loved christmastime: lights, great food, and gift-giving. it's such a great season! this year i waited until the absolute last minute to pick out gifts, but i think my family & friends will love their presents (at least i hope they do!). i handmade christmas cards again this year, and my hubby contributed by assisting with the design & adding snowflakes to each one :) so cute. i also made winter bark & peppermint-chocolate cookies to give as gifts. i purchased star tins at target, and printed labels to attach to each tin, lined them with parchment paper, and tucked the goodies inside.

[this is a terrible photo, but you get the idea]

both were really easy to make:
peppermint-chocolate cookies and winter bark.

i finished the semester with a 4.0! i am ecstatic! i balanced 3 classes, tons of homework, three days at my internship, and 30 hours of work, not to mention my personal life... i'm so thankful for my family & my hubby for supporting me throughout the semester.
one more semester to go!