Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it's coming on christmas

i've always loved christmastime: lights, great food, and gift-giving. it's such a great season! this year i waited until the absolute last minute to pick out gifts, but i think my family & friends will love their presents (at least i hope they do!). i handmade christmas cards again this year, and my hubby contributed by assisting with the design & adding snowflakes to each one :) so cute. i also made winter bark & peppermint-chocolate cookies to give as gifts. i purchased star tins at target, and printed labels to attach to each tin, lined them with parchment paper, and tucked the goodies inside.

[this is a terrible photo, but you get the idea]

both were really easy to make:
peppermint-chocolate cookies and winter bark.

i finished the semester with a 4.0! i am ecstatic! i balanced 3 classes, tons of homework, three days at my internship, and 30 hours of work, not to mention my personal life... i'm so thankful for my family & my hubby for supporting me throughout the semester.
one more semester to go!

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  1. Congrats on the 4.0! That is so amazing! As for the headbands on Etsy - I definitely should check that out. Eep! Thanks for the tip!


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