Wednesday, September 08, 2010

many the miles

for over a year i have been a stalker of 'fashion/personal style' blogs. what started as a casual interest in personal style and design aesthetic. now this casual interest in fashion and personal style has become a full blown obsession.

i've been so intimidated by all of the very successful bloggers, that i lost my confidence to begin something that contributes to the world of things that i love.

a few things about me:
i'm a social worker by day. i recently finished grad school, and i currently work for a non-profit agency providing counseling services. i grew up in a household dominated by estrogen. i'm the oldest of two sisters, my dad has been sorely outnumbered by women since he married my mother. i secretly think he loves it. i'm married. i found my true partner-for-life in college, we've been married for four years! we have one pet, a dog named lennon after my favorite beatle and artist.

i want this blog to be an outlet for my expression of style, beauty, and feisty attitude towards life.

here's to a new adventure. thanks for coming along for the ride!


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