Monday, September 20, 2010

coming up only to hold you under

LEVI'S challenge

today i spent a bit of time playing with polyvore. i absolutely love this site for creating inspiration boards. it's so much fun to create different looks, and to use them to inspire possibilities in my own wardrobe.

instead of an outfit post today, i will share one of my inspiration boards! i really love simple classic jeans and a pop of color with solids or a pattern. one of my favorite scents is also incorporated, daisy by marc jacobs. this look has both. disclosure: i would never be able to actually walk in these shoes, but it does inspire me to chose a shoe with the same "feeling" that these evoke.

anyway, that's enough talk for now.



  1. you just got me addicted to that website!!

  2. glad you love it as much as i do! isn't it fun?!

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