Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chicago Blogger Meetup

{Me, DelaneBritt via Deliciously Vintage Blog}

This past Saturday I trekked to adorable vintage shop in Pilsen to browse and chat with some fellow Chicago bloggers. It was so much fun! I love meeting new people, but was nervous to meet a bunch of other bloggers. I love that we were all from the City and surrounding suburbs. We chatted about life in the City {and the suburbs}, favorite restaurants, and shops.

I forgot my camera, and didn't snap any photos on my iPhone, but click the link above for a post by Deliciously Vintage, our generous host for the meet up. A huge thanks to Lisa at Archives Vintage for coordinating the event and scoring incredible gift bags {to boot!}.

I already feel so inspired to continue blogging, to add a few things on the blog, and to keep on over-sharing on the world wide web. And I might {just might} throw in an outfit or two for good measure. We'll see.




  1. it was so great meeting you and I'm glad you had a great time. Xoxo

  2. It was so wonderful meeting you too Pilar! And I agree- meeting up with different types of bloggers is so inspiring and really makes you feel motivated to keep on blogging!

  3. I was great meeting you. I forgot my camera so I might need to use your pic!

  4. I actually snagged the photo from the Deliciously Vintage blog because I forgot my camera as well!

  5. LOVE THE BLOGGER MEETUP!! Much more on the way from us!!


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