Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicago Air + Water Show

Every year Hubby and I seem to be of town for the Chicago Air + Water Show weekend. This weekend we braved the crowds on Sunday to catch the last few hours of the show which featured the US Air Force Thunderbirds. It was the most perfect day to see the show. A clear blue sky and sunshine set the perfect backdrop for the show. Because my father served in the USAF {and worked as a tech on the planes during his time in the service}, he gets pretty nostalgic thinking about those years. It's always fun to see his face light up when he talks about the Thunderbirds and the pilots.

These are a few snaps from the time that we spent at the show on Sunday. If we're in town next year, I'd love to catch more of the show. It really wasn't as crowded as I expected; because we rode bikes, it was easy to nab a great spot on the beach. It really is a fun {and free} event.

A little historical nugget for you: the first Chicago Air+ Water Show was held in 1959, and is the largest free show of it's kind in the US.




  1. I found your blog through a comment you left on Jen Loves Kev, and I must admit, the entire reason I clicked is because your name is Pilar, which is like, my favorite name on the planet. Then I scrolled down and noticed you have your master's in social work, too. Double bonus!

    Your pictures from the air show are gorgeous!

  2. looks like you guys had a fun time! love the photos :)

  3. I love it! Are you also a social worker? Thanks for stopping by, even if it was just because of the name! haha

  4. Love these pics and how you set them up! This post is beautiful! Big big fan of your theme too! ;)


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