Friday, December 09, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

{mah boots}

In all honesty, this has been a horribly awful work week. I'm emotionally exhausted, and feel as if I could sleep the entire weekend Fri-Sun with waking only for the necessities. Though tempting, I plan on sticking to my weekend routine that includes a Saturday {or Sunday} morning run, brunch, and some relaxation reading: The Night Circus. I might be able to sneak in some holiday shopping as well.

Even if the negative seemed to outweigh the positive this week, I am grateful:

  • Girl's Night Out with B at the CBN Rent the Runway Party. Girl. Time. Rocks. Even on the worst of days.

  • My new winter boots finally arrived in the mail {pictured above}. In the correct size.

  • New running tights arrived in the mail; thanks to a LivingSocial deal, I snagged them for 50% off!

  • Christmas cookies - they are in abundance around these parts and I love them!

  • My new winter coat that has been keeping me warm.

  • Hubby completed his final semester of prereq's, rocked a 4.0 the entire time, and finished with a A+ in Organic Chemistry. I'm so proud!

  • ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas movies: Polar Express, Elf, and Home Alone? Yes, please.



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  1. Who hasn't had a tough work week! It's been terrible for me as well and today is the worst!!! So happy for the weekend agreed- it's the little things that make the day!


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