Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: I'm Overwhelmed

{via Pinterest}

These last two weeks have been filled with great conversations with my best girl friends, long walks along the lakeshore, sunshine days at the beach, extra time with Hubby, and catching up on rest. To top it off, last week I was offered a job that has {literally} been a career goal for the last five years. Come September {the 19th to be exact}, I will be a social worker at Children's Memorial Hospital!

These last few weeks have been filled with so many good things {and in all honesty} I feel completely overwhelmed. Have you ever hoped {and hoped} and prayed {and prayed} and crossed fingers {and toes} for something, and then gotten it? It's almost as if I don't know what to do with myself; I'm so happy and blessed and grateful.





  1. Pilar, I love the quote you posted and it was really lovely meeting you today at the blogger meet 'n greet!

  2. Hi Pilar! It was so great to meet you tonight! Congrats on the new job- how exciting! I hope we can all get together again soon!

  3. Congrats on the new job!!
    It was so great to meet you Saturday!!

  4. this is a cute quote!

    x. jill

  5. Thanks! It was great to meet you too!

  6. Isn't that a great quote? Ditto! It was lovely meeting you too!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the quote :)


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