Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inspired Tuesday: Closet Confessions

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Confession: I loathe cleaning. It's just not very fun. I hate cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc. I do it {mostly because I know I should}, and I negotiate the cleaning duties with Hubby {because we really do share the responsibility}.

Confession: I LOVE organizing! According to my co-workers, I've been voted the most organized person in the office. I realize this is lame, but I embrace my inner organizing nerdiness.

Confession: When it comes to organizing my closet, I'm at a loss. Hubby and I share one closet for hanging clothes, one closet for folded clothes, and one dresser for all other clothes.

Confession: I've never actually followed through with the closet clean outs that I so thoroughly enjoy reading about. A few of my favorite blog posts here, here, and here. A few of my favorite book sources here, here, and here.

Sunday night after devouring a few September issues of my favorite magazines, I was inspired to start the closet organization/makeover process. Step One: Inspiration/Style Board. My board is still basic, but it's filled with with prints, patterns, colors, and silhouettes that I like. Note: this part is really fun! As in my-hands-were-hurting-from-holding-the-scissors-for-too-long, fun.

Now I'm in the middle of Step Two: trying on every piece of clothing that I own... For each piece of clothing in my closet I'm going through the following steps:

  1. Try on item (add pants/tank top if necessary)

  2. Ask myself the following questions: Does this fit me? Do I like this color? Can I sit down/walk/breathe while wearing this? When was the last time I wore this/have I ever worn this? Are there any stains/holes/tears that cannot be repaired?

  3. Take a photograph of myself wearing said item. I do this for two reasons: 1) I want to be able to truly see how I look in the item and 2) I want evidence if I ever ask myself why I got rid of the item.

  4. Look at my inspiration board. Does this fit the overall style that I like? Does this make me feel good? Do I already have a few things in my closet I can pair with this?

  5. Decision time: Purge or Keep


It's not nearly as glamorous as I imagined, but I'm finding that it is completely necessary. I've already unearthed many things that I purchased before I developed my true sense of style {read: college years}. So much of my precious space has been filled with ill-fitting items in strange colors that don't fit my style. Like, at all. To the purge pile they go!

On to tackle the rest of my closet ...to be continued.




  1. thanks for a great post. would love if you could stop by today and check out my new outfit post.


    For all the latest fashion news from a southern girl making it as an LA stylist follow on facebook.


  2. Pilar I'm doing the same thing with my closet now! As of right now it's taking about a week but I know it will take a few more- but I have a suggestion! One of my sales associates sells her clothing to Platos closet- if its still in decent condition she says you can get some money, it might be worth a try!

  3. That's a great suggestion! My "purge" pile is certainly growing, and some of it has hardly been worn! Good luck on your closet clean-out!


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