Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Inspired Tuesday: Mint.com

{Via Budget Planner Software - Mint.com}

I've talked a bit about our goals of living with family to pay off debt and save money ... one of the greatest tools that we've used to plan our finances is Mint.com. This website is an excellent tool for all things financial. Through Mint.com all checking, savings, and credit card accounts are linked to one central place.

The website walks each user through the steps to budget, establish savings, and set debt payoff goals.  Mint.com also establishes categories for all spending {which one can easily edit} so that it's actually helpful in figuring out where and what we're spending our money on. My favorite feature has been the ability to visualize the spending and saving  habits with their handy-dandy charts. I love charts! It's kind of fun to click on the different categories and see how it divides the spending.

The Mint.com blog is addicting {which is why I chose to blog about it for an Inspired Tuesday post} - there are so many ideas for saving money and tracking spending that one can't help but feel inspired to get a handle on the finances. Once. And. For. All.



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