Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Gratitude: 19th Edition

{via We Heart It}

These are the things I'm thankful for this week:

  • My sunglasses from Target

  • Fun time with family: prepping our new room, cooking, and going to a baseball game

  • Getting my cousin's wedding invitation for a summer wedding - I'm so happy for her {and her soon-to-be hubby}

  • Purging in preparation for the move: getting rid of stuff that we don't need/use/want anymore feels INCREDIBLE.

In all honesty, this week has been pretty rough. Hubby and I are going through so many changes right now. It feels like if I have to adjust to even one more thing, I'm going to lose my marbles. Do you ever have times like that? It's awful.

We move into our new room starting this weekend. We're moving over a few of our furniture pieces, and then finishing the move the following weekend {which just so happens to be our 5th wedding anniversary} by cramming all of our stuff into a storage unit and cleaning out our current apartment. Packing always makes me 1) Realize how much stuff we really have that we don't actually need and 2) Reminisce about all of the stuff that we're moving {hey, remember when ... OR hey, I remember where I bought this ...}.

I will be even more thankful when these next few weeks have passed, and we are settled into our new living space.




  1. what a cute little post. and that picture totally cracks me up!

  2. what a sweet post. lots of things to be thankful for :)


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