Friday, April 08, 2011

Re: Launch

I first started "blogging" in college when everyone was obsessed with Xanga. Do you remember Xanga? I was obsessed: constantly updating posts, featuring photos, quotes, song lyrics, etc. Fast forward a few years to when I have completely forgotten about Xanga, but suddenly blogs are everywhere: blogs dedicated to shoes, bags, clothes, home design, kitchens, homes, bathrooms, children, and pets. Woah. Blog overload.

Enter Pilar, looking for a way to re-join the blogging community. I love shopping, fashion, and clothes. I should blog about these things, right? Wrong. It's not really "me".

I've taken stock of the things that I do blog about: my life in this city, my husband, our dog, recipes, food, photographs, an occasional outfit that I'm in love with wearing, etc.

I'm starting over, folks. Re: Launching, if you will.  Stay tuned for updates!



  1. >hear, hear! the best blog is the one that gives us a sense of what makes you, you. i'm excited to see where you go with it. by the way, move to Nashville. I don't know if I have an irrational prejudice, or what, but I just love the place so much. hammocks everywhere (well, maybe not, but definitely big porches with ferns and porch swings and people drinking sweet tea. and they all wave). i'll be back there in august for a few days, hopefully. can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  2. >oh, and did i mention, the best part - scooters EVERYWHERE. i felt like i saw more there than even in santa cruz. move to nashville, buy a vespa, and i'll come visit and we'll go on rides. YES.


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