Friday, February 11, 2011

weekly gratitude: fifth edition

{me, circa 1984}

things i'm thankful for this week:
  • dubliner cheddar cheese it's simply delectable
  • $3.99 bottles of wine from trader joe's (don't hate! the cheap wines are sometimes the best!)
  • down blankets: this week has been absolutely freezing, i don't know how i'd survive without my down comforter
  • my new kindle cover, thank you hubby for the early valentine's day gift; it's perfect!
  • having time to work out with hubby this week, even if it was indoors on the treadmill
  • the INDIE e-conference; i'm really enjoying learning new things about blogging!
  • extra time with friends watching the commercials during the superbowl. so fun!
learn more about the weekly gratitude project here.


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  1. That's so sweet ... this is such a cute idea!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!


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