Wednesday, December 08, 2010

30 for 30: take fourteen!

{tank - target | blazer & skirt - banana republic | tights - gap | belt - calvin klein | boots - hand me down from sister | necklace - lia sophia}

confession: i had to mix out an item to incorporate this skirt. does it count if i never wore the item?! confession: i'm really glad that i did because i forgot how much i love this skirt.

i don't have much to say today. do you have days like that? i've been sitting here with this post open for at least fifteen minutes and i all can think about is to comment on how cold i was while i took these photos today. LAME. 

so, here's my outfit from today. i tried something new, what i've labeled as "the fancy belt". i even watched this tutorial! overall, i loved how this outfit felt today. what worked: the tights and blazer kept me cool but comfortable. what didn't work: these boots aren't waterproof, so my feet get really wet when i walk through the snow. boo.


ps. the last photo is me dancing my way back indoors. haha.


  1. I love the fancy belting. The first time I did it, used Elaine's tutorial, too. Now, I just twist into any configuration ;)

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Completely adorable. And kudos to you for photographing out in the cold. I'm contemplating retreating indoors myself as it's far too dark and cold WAY too early these days.

    Dance away!

  3. So adorable! You look wonderful.

  4. I totally love the name of your blog! You feisty thing! Looking good girlie!

  5. haha thanks! i'm working on my "manifesto" to explain my love for feisty things!

  6. haha, thanks! congrats on mastering the belt styling. i think i still need a bit of practice.


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