Tuesday, December 07, 2010

30 for 30 double take: twelve & thirteen!

{top, jeans - gap | cardigan - target | scarf - gift from russia via my sister | flats - michael kors}

{my most favorite ornament!}

i'm horribly behind on my posts for the 30for30 challenge. honestly, i haven't worn anything other than my 30 items, i've just had difficulty remembering to take photos! so i'll be doubling up on my posts to show what i've been wearing when i haven't had the camera around.

confession: i've worn this outfit more than once. well, at least some version of this outfit. the weekend i visited michigan, i wore the very same outfit mixing it up with a purple tank and a different scarf. so here's a photo of me from today, wearing that outfit. i've got to do something to catch up. so i'll leave it to you: which one do you like better? i love the russian scarf, so i'm going to go with that outfit. either way, this cardigan is the most comfortable cardigan i own right now, and it's not so warm that i'm sweating indoors with the heat, nor am i freezing when i'm outside (with a coat, of course).

here is an eerily similar outfit that i wore a few weekends ago during my road trip to and from michigan. disclaimer: these photos are rather schizophrenic. indoor lighting is not my friend.

 {top, jeans - gap | cardigan - target |  necklace - family hand me down | earrings - gift from hubby | flats - michael kors}

 {our chicago ornament}

according to my handy dandy google countdown calendar, there are only 18 days until christmas! i love the countdown calendar. so much in fact, that i'm always counting down to something. past countdowns have included: graduations, vacations, 5k, 8k, birthdays, well, you get the idea. i've become a little obsessed with countdowns.

currently i have two countdowns: christmas (duh!) and a family vacation to colorado for the holidays! we leave in 10 days! my sister-in-law jen, her hubby, and her adorable dog live in colorado, and we're headed there for week to visit & celebrate the holidays! i'm. so. excited. i do love chicago, but i'm ready to take a break to breathe for a few days, and spend some quality time with family! 



  1. Christmas IS so very close; 17 days now!

    You look lovely in this cream color-- but you are so gorgeous, I doubt there's anything you couldn't wear.

    Wishing you well, swissy missy. ;)

  2. that purple scarf is gorgeous! it looks great against your winter-white sweater! i can't believe Christmas is 18 days away! So exciting (:

  3. super cute! i like the top one better too. such a cute scarf. and i need to get some of those jeans. can't wait til your here!!:)

  4. I love how this looks with the long necklace.

    The Auspicious Life

  5. they're from gap - get some! see you soon!!

  6. well, i just think you're adorable! thank you!


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