Monday, October 04, 2010

i was carried to ohio in a swarm of bees

(dress, scarf, and jacket - target | cardigan - gap | boots & sunnies - family hand-me-downs)

autumn is here. evidenced by the changing leaves and brisk fresh air in chicago. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i love this season. if i could live in one season for the rest of my life it would be autumn: crisp air, enough, warm sun, and lovely colors. okay, okay, you get the idea.

in other news, i've been working on one of my "2010 goals" - training for my first 5k run! i've never been a runner, but i like having a workout routine set out for me, so i started the couch-to-5k-running program. sidebar: i've skipped a week or two because it was too easy, so it's really flexible to meet you wherever you're starting at. it has been awesome. every workout i think, "there's no way i'm going to finish this". and then i do, and it feels so good! i'd highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in running.

today i wore this shift dress with a cardigan, boots, and a scarf. this pretty much sums up my wardrobe staples. it was too warm for tights today, so i opted for my tall boots with bare legs. i was not disappointed.

what worked: i really loved how comfortable this outfit was, this dress has pockets (yes, pockets!) which i adore. what didn't work: the cardigan was a little short in relation to the length of the dress. next time i will opt for a longer cardigan.


ps. here's a photo of my adorable hubby who took these today!

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  1. Cute skirt! Good luck with the 5k, I always walk those ;)



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