Thursday, November 01, 2012

Autumn Updates

Although we didn't celebrate with dressing up or trick-or-treaters this year, we did dress Lennon up in his least favorite costume for 30 seconds before he shook it off.

We also carved pumpkins. Well, Hubby carved the pumpkins and I baked the pumpkin seeds.

I finally received the softest baby blankets ever that I ordered via Gilt for little bebe a few weeks ago.

I also have gotten back into the rhythm of my workouts. Since I spent the first few months of pregnancy vomiting {yuck} several times / day - working out was not on my list of priorities. I've started back up with prenatal yoga {which is just amazing for my sore muscles}, squats and weight lifting to work on my strength {for the marathon that is labor}, and walking in lieu of running {since I get muscle cramps when I go too fast}. Hubby has been a great encouragement for my workouts :) I'm feelin' good. Hubby has been a great encouragement for my workouts :)



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