Monday, April 16, 2012

Financial Fitness: Debt Free!

{via Instagram}

We are consumer debt free!

After eleven months, we have completed our second major financial goal:

  • Goal One: Set up Emergency Savings Fund // Completed 

  • Goal Two: Payoff Consumer Debt // Completed

  • Goal Three: Payoff Student Loan Debt // In Progress

We have decided to stay living with my parents, and plan to continue our financial fitness efforts. I'll be posting an update of our next financial goals and steps shortly. For now, I'm going to bask in the satisfaction of reaching a major milestone!





  1. jenniferfunnellApril 16, 2012 3:43 PM

    Seriously, I am SO SO SO happy for you guys! That is such an amazing accomplishment! Which book did you guys use to help you? I've been working on redesigning our budget we definitely have some pesky credit card debt to pay off... and need to build up our savings, too!

  2. We used Total Money Makeover to start – if you don’t want to buy the book, the website has a lot of good resources. I highly recommend it as a starting point because it’s very motivational. We adjusted things based on our own goals, but it gave us a great place to start. Good luck!!


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