Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicago Marathon 2011

So, last Sunday my dad finished his 8th marathon! We always watch the northern turn in Wrigleyville because it's literally just around the corner from the apartment. This year, we headed south to Pilsen to watch at a different location.Since Hubby was not able to run this year {and because he bought a seat}, I was able to run a little bit with my dad. I've been miserable for the last two weeks with a terrible cold, and was not able to run as long as I planned. It was so exciting to be out there to run with my dad and cheer on thousands of runners. It's such an incredible way to see this City come to life. Although it was terribly warm {for the runners}, it was a beautiful day to be a spectator. A blue, cloudless sky and some sunshine in October? No complaints here.

Can I just say how proud I am that he's my dad?! Seriously.  He's incredible.



PS: Hubby took most of these photos ... Just wanted to give him the cred.

PPS: I'm wearing my new favorite running shirt that I saw a few weeks back at the Nike event. I snagged it at the Marathon Expo.


  1. It makes me miss Chicago. What a great city, and a beautiful day!

  2. Chicago misses you too!! And so do I!


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