Friday, March 04, 2011

weekly gratitude: eighth edition

 {taken during our trip to california this past summer | sonoma, ca}

things i'm thankful for this week:
  • my new(ish) running headphones! they're so comfortable, and they don't bounce out of my ears when i'm running
  • husband purchasing girl scout cookies (thin mints)
  • we had lunch with our foodie friends for chicago restaurant week at PRIME; it was ah-maz-ing
  • memories of our trip to cali this past summer, and now i am (and hubby too) itching to go back
  • friends: i will likely never live close to my best friends, but this week has reminded how me how fabulous they really are
  • 85 days until my 5th wedding anniversary! i can't believe it!
  • dancing the night away for a bachelorette party at a local dive bar = so. much. fun.
  • a reminder from a mentor that i'm "too young to settle" and to go for my dreams (more to come on that)
  • sisters who "get" me - i don't have to explain why i'm freaking out about XYZ - they don't ask questions



  1. tell me more about the headphones...mine are a piece of you know what. i get a tiny bit sweaty and they quit on me. boo!

  2. It's so sweet when a person count the days before an anniversary!!!

  3. love thin mints! they are dangerous!


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