Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Event: What to Wear, Where


friday night hillary kerr & katherine power were at my neighborhood book store as a stop on their book tour. how fun is that?! they were absolutely charming, really personable and so down-to-earth. unfortunately, husby ducked out when he realized it was 99% women, so i didn't have my trusty photog handy. this is what happens when you ask someone to take a photo with a dlsr and instead of looking through the view finder, they look at the LCD screen. oh, well. i've got an off center, blurry, and ultimate sneeze-face photo for your viewing pleasure. note to self: take off trench when you are going to be in a photograph.

all in all, it was a fun night out.



  1. >looks like such a fun time!

  2. >I'm so jealous! I totally wanted to go - love how you got a picture! xo

  3. >you are so cute. even with the trench.


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