Friday, February 18, 2011

weekly gratitude: sixth edition

things i'm thankful for this week
  • cupcakes; specifically cupcakes from molly's cupcakes. they're de-lish.
  • birthdays - i love celebrating loved ones' birthdays. since my husband and my sister share a birthday, it's a double-whammy!
  • good hair days; i know this sounds shallow, but sometimes good hair days just make your day!
  • melting snow
  • the "spring" smell in the air reminding me that spring is (literally) just around the corner
  • evening runs with hubby
  • costco specials; 12 freshly baked bagels for $5?! YES!



  1. YUM and lovely things to be grateful for, such a good outlook!

  2. i LOVE this weekly gratitude post! and now I want a cupcake :)

  3. ughhhh, I LOVE Molly's cupcakes! Now I'm craving a cookie monster!


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