Friday, February 25, 2011

weekly gratitude: seventh edition

{failed attempt for a christmas card photo 2009 | lennon's "i just bit chris on his face" smirk creeped me out}

in all honesty it's been a rough week. this process of reflecting on my gratitude means more to me during weeks like this.

things i'm thankful for this week:
  • a weekend visiting my sister and brother-in-law in grand rapids, michigan! i love spending time with family, and really enjoyed our time in michigan. 
  • dinner dates with my momma; she has so much wisdom about life, and i'm so thankful that we're able to connect the way that we do.
  • hubby making me go to the gym even when i didn't want to (you were right, it did make me feel better).
  • reading chic-lit books via the kindle; it literally puts me to sleep every night.
  • sunshine. spring is so close ... come on! 
  • borders going out of business in chicago; well i'm not thankful for their bankruptcy, i am thankful for the amazing deals!


  1. i just want you to know that i stalk you pretty much daily. i love your outfits, and wait breathlessly for the next one :) and, i love you. the end.

  2. I like this practice of regular gratitude. It has been a rough week for me too and reading your post made me think about the things I am grateful for. It really does help to shift focus. Thanks!

  3. I am also thankful for the amazing deals at Borders :) And I love your weekly gratitudes. What a fantastic way to remember what's really important. Keep up the great work!


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