Wednesday, February 02, 2011

snow days!

today was a snow day for hubs and i! we went exploring today to see what was open (not much) and to scope out the neighborhood. the city becomes an interesting place when schools are closed. cross-country skiing in the streets, middle aged adults launching themselves into the snowbanks, neighbors helping neighbors dig their cars out, and things are overall more quiet. 

tomorrow is another snow day! we will see what adventures ensue. 



  1. oh my GOSH lennon looks like a little polar bear! SO CUTE!

    happy snow day :)

  2. Oh wow - so much snow!

  3. The puppy is soooo cute! Great pics :)

  4. I know many who have been hit with snow are sick of it, but I'm bummed that we don't have any :( These are great pics!

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  5. HOLY WOW, is that alot of snow or what? You guys were hammered!!! Looks like fun from the snow pics:)

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