Saturday, January 08, 2011

weekly gratitude: first edition


As a way to remind myself of the good things that happen during my week, I decided to participated in the Love, Life, Lace: Weekly Gratitude movement. It's important to remind myself that although I might have good/bad/ugly weeks, I have so many sources of hope, love, and inspiration in my life that bless me. I'm grateful for these things, but I don't always take the time to reflect. Yes, they may be silly, but together they make me very thankful for my life.

  • Thank you fat-free half and half for making my coffee so much tastier, especially because I drink 5 cups a day.

  • Thank you Epic Burger for being the best burger joint in Chicago, and thank you sister for joining me in my Epic obsession.

  • Thank you CTA bus driver who tried so desperately to get my fare card to work, and after four attempts, succeeded.

  • Thank you husband for taking the dog out when it's (literally) freezing outside and I don't want to 'layer up'.

  • Thank you radiator for the warm towel post-shower.

  • Thank you Mom for listening to me freak out about nonsense, and assuring me that it's all going to be okay.

  • Thank you Lennon for cuddling with me and keeping me company when husband is gone.

  • Thank you 2011 for a fresh start, and for renewing hope for the future.

(...This feels a little Alanis Morissette 'Thank You'...)



  1. >"warm towel post-shower" is something I'm thankful for as well. Other top things from this week would have to be movie date with my husband and coffee time with my girlfriends talking utter nonsense. Here here to being grateful for the good stuff :)

  2. >I do this every day or every two days. Counting your blessings is such a wonderful happiness booster. For the last 6 months I'm happier than I have ever been and all thanks goes to my gratitude journal. :)On another note this is my first time on your blog and as I'm acquainting myself with your site I would love for us to stay in touch via google/ facebook/ twitter.Please let me know how you feel about that and look forward to hearing from you LoveTashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  3. [...] I first joined the Weekly Gratitude movement {post here}, I wanted to carve out a time to reflect on the things that happened during the week. Week after [...]


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