Wednesday, December 15, 2010

30 for 30: take sixteen!

{white button down & jeans - gap | sweater - anthropologie | boots - lucky brand | bag - urban outfitters | scarf - H&M}

i'm finally over the hump of the half-way point. i know that i've already made it 30 days wearing the same clothes, i just haven't taken photos everyday. so i'll keep going :) i'm determined to finish this thing!

i love love love this sweater. it's the most comfortable piece of winter clothing i own. there's also something lovely about the color, commonly called "mustard". mustard has always been a favorite clothing color of mine because it always reminds me of vintage home decor circa 1960s. i feel similarly about avocado. avocado appliances, anyone? haha. i enjoy the color because it's the only color of yellow that i can actually wear. i don't like to wear pale yellows because i think it washes out my pale, freckled, skin tone. but mustard, i can definitely do! 

i will leave you with a sneak peek at one of the photos for our holiday card. every year since we've been married, we've sent out holiday cards, and for the past three years we've made them ourselves. this year will be the fourth! 



  1. Love love loving the cardigan! The combo with the scarf, bag and boots is devine. Cute puppy too! :)

  2. im convinced anthro makes the BEST sweaters ever!

  3. OK so two things: your dog? yeah, beyond cute! AND: i love your name. seriously, I've thought about using it for a future little girl (i so hope we have a girl someday!!). did you like it growing up? i sure hope so. :) you're just adorable, girl!

  4. thanks! yes, i do love my name. i've only met one other pilar, but i get heaps of inquiries into the meaning, etc. i always felt like the name fit "me". :)

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  6. The slouchy yellow cardi is awesome! It's been so frigid where I live, I would love to have that to cozy into!
    And your pup is so pretty!

  7. Yay for pushing through on the challenge. LOVE that mustard color. And you are so right. Yellow is my favorite color but I really can't wear it since I am so pale. Mustard is a great variation.

    The Auspicious Life


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