Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 for 30: take ten!

{dress & tights - target | scarf - gifted | cardigan - nordstrom | peep toe pumps - ecco}

i'm baaaack! yesterday was a no-good-awful-monday. no outfit post yesterday due to dumping my morning coffee down my crisp white shirt and having to change out of it into an outfit i was, well let's just say, "less proud of". today i avoided spilling coffee on myself, and even if i did, you couldn't see it because i'm wearing a black dress. booyah.

what worked: this dress is so comfortable, and really easy to wear. 
what didn't work: i should have worn patterned tights to offset the black. overall, this was an easy outfit to put together, and definitely office-appropriate.

today was an office day for me, where i spent most of the day dreading the winter weather that will soon be upon chicago: snow. the first snow is usually exciting, but i know that it brings with it slush, brown slush, and more slush. gross. 

hope you all had lovely thanksgiving celebrations with your families. the month between thanksgiving and christmas is always my favorite. twinkling lights appear all over this city. my neighborhood does a particularly spectacular job of decorating the street lamps for the holidays. i love it!



  1. The cardigan is lovely. Gives a nice pop of colour to the outfit :)

  2. really cute cardi! i'm jealous of your tree. we don't have ours yet.

  3. your house looks so cozy and ready for the holidays!!! :)

  4. Your dog is so cute! Looks like he's cuddly too!

  5. Lovely Cardi!
    Bummer about the coffee...so glad I don't drink it! haha

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

  6. Love this mustard yellow on you! The floral details make it extra cute :)


  7. hahaha, that dog loves you for sure. cute! you and the dog+your remixes=cute i mean:)


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