Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 for 30: take five!

{top, cardigan, skirt, tights - gap | boots, bag - urban outfitters | watch - vintage via my grandfather}

today was a "blue day" of sorts, so i dressed to match my mood, i guess. nothing specific, i just felt off my game. do you ever have days like those? 

i love tights. most of them are black, grey, or a patterned black or grey; but these are by far my favorite to pair with this skirt simply because of the monochromatic effect. 

what worked: this outfit was comfortable & really easy to wear. my office gets really warm, so i love having the option to shed the sweater.

what didn't work: i wish that i had a navy blazer to pair instead of the cardigan. and the skirt is a little big, so it twists when i walk. but it's a great work ensemble for me. dressy enough with a little spunk with my favorite boots. 


ps. i included the last photo because i was running back and forth from the camera, and this is me spinning around just in time for the photo. hahaha.


  1. oh.my.goodness. THAT WATCH! are you a fellow native chicagoan? i am always on the lookout for fun, vintage bears stuff and i LOOVE your watch!!! :D

  2. what a GREAT blue ensemble!!

  3. Awesome watch, lady. Very awesome. I think your cool points just sky rocketed through the roof. ;)

  4. saw this post from your tweet! you've got to convince andrea to incorporate more tights into her wardrobe. she looks so cute in them!

  5. I love your monochromatic look. It is my goal to pull off a monochromatic look that is not all black.

  6. This outfit is great! I love the whole look, but I'm actually most taken with the close-up photo of you and your pretty freckles. I love it! It's really well framed and the colors and textures are great.

  7. very pretty blue outfit, love the photography too.

    oh, and the bears watch is adorable!

  8. thank you for all of the lovely comments!

  9. thank you! i think it's pretty fab!


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