Monday, November 22, 2010

30 for 30: take eight!

{dress & belt - target | scarf - gifted | blazer - banana republic | tights - gap | boots - hunter}

today was a rainy, gloomy, stormy day. this weather makes it really difficult to snap outdoor shots, but i pulled it off! with the help of hubs, of course. in between the rain, there was wind. lots of wind. 

so although i didn't count these boots in my 30x30 remix, i desperately needed to adjust to allow for dry feet. these are the most favorite rain boots i've ever owned. they're durable (unlike two previous pair), and they're so comfortable. i also love that i can pair them with pretty much anything, and they look alright. i wore these to and from the office, and switched into my black flats while i was indoors. does it still count as cheating? 

i have a hard time mixing things. i discover one outfit that i really love, and i wear it over and over and over again. this challenge is really bringing me out of my rut and helping me figure out how to mix the things that i have. this process is really a lot of fun! 

what worked: this outfit was perfect for the weather today. it was comfortable, warm, and easy to take off the jacket when it was too hot in my office. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i love this dress. 

what didn't work: i'm still on the fence about the tights with this dress. i'm trying to get out of the rut of black tights, black skirt, black dress, etc. what do you think?

i forgot to take photos of my weekend outfits in michigan (of course) so i'll try to re-create them to add. i had a fabulous trip to michigan, hanging out with my sister & catching up with my best friend.

{me & BFF}



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  1. Hello fellow remixer! I love that dress and your umbrella is so pretty :)

  2. thanks! the umbrella is from gap :)

  3. Cute outfit! I like the contrast between the darker colours in your outfit and the vibrant florals...perfect reflection for a rainy day. And I heart your umbrella.

    P.S. Good call on the rain boots.

  4. I just read your about me section- yayy for being a once michigander! :) I'm so jealous that you live in chicago! The BF and I amtrak there whenever we can. We wish we lived there.. haha

  5. Super cute dress! I'm with you on the black tights rut. That's one thing that has become apparent for me during this challenge, I need more colored tights! I love your boots too, very cute and functional!

  6. Yay for wellies! They go great with your outfit :)

  7. chicago is a great place to live, but it's also a fabulous place to visit!

  8. thank you! i'm getting excited to start shopping again after this remix challenge ends!

  9. Love the boots. It's been stormy weather here too, but at least we've got cute rain boots to get us through it.:)


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