Saturday, March 27, 2010

i know i know i know

friday night was "girls night out" with two other interns from the hospital. i can't remember the last night that i've been "out" on a friday night. usually i'm so exhausted from the week that i'm in bed by 10pm. this friday i was out way past my bedtime (1am!)

we started off at the green mill with free drinks courtesy of one of the interns' friends. the green mill in itself is an experience. the green mill has been around since 1907! a famous jazz club in the city featured in a heap of films, books, and classic mob stories. the doorman was really really intimidating - i think he was just mad that we didn't pay the $12 cover.

tegan & sara played an excellent set. the first half was from their new album "sainthood" but the second half was a lot of their old stuff! i had a blast!
the aragon ballroom is just as old, if not older than the green mill. it was a really sweet venue.

overall: it was a great way to spend my friday night!

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