Monday, November 02, 2009

dream dog

so for the past year chris & i have been talking about getting a puppy. we finally moved in to a place that allows dogs, and we just got the approval of our building manager to get one. for the last few months we've been doing extensive research on temperaments, breeding, pedigree, etc. we figure if we're going to have this dog for 10-12 years, we want to know that it's going to be the best breed for us. well, we finally decided on...a wheaten terrier. we both cannot stand having a shedding pet. wheatens are considered to be one of the best for allergies & dander control.
we've started talking to breeders, and will hopefully be adding to our family in the next couple of months.

to tide me over, i'm obsessed with scouring google for cute wheaten photos. here are my favorite images:

(the babies)

(the adults)

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  1. Wheaton Terriers are amazing. Tonnes of energy


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