Tuesday, September 15, 2009


exciting things are happening in my world...

i'm officially an intern...again. my placement is at children's memorial hospital - which is ranked as the #1 children's hospital in illinois. they have a top-notch graduate student internship program for social work. i'm in a cohort of four students (all women, naturally) that were accepted into the program. i know that they interviewed a lot of students, so i feel really honored to have been selected.

my first week has been packed with informational meetings, orientations, hospital tours, and meeting a ton of people whose names i won't remember. but...it's going to be a great year. my field supervisor is really cool. i'm assigned to the NICU service - neonatal intensive care unit (think really really tiny babies that have been born pre-term).

yesterday we had a welcome breakfast & met a lot of the social workers for the inpatient & outpatient units. everyone is so nice; they genuinely make interns feel like part of the team.

i want to work there already. seriously.

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